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As we all know that sometimes tooth extraction in Ottawa can be painful but our experienced staff at Nova Denture & Implant Centre does it in a way where the patient experiences less pain. Teeth generally need to be extracted when they are infected, abscessed, or broken beyond repair. This is assessed during your initial consult.

Our tooth extraction in Ottawa process follows some simple steps. First our dentists will give you a local anesthetic. Some patients will require a stronger general one. A blood clot usually forms in the socket after the tooth has been removed.

You might need self dissolving stitches to close the wound. One of our dentists can also part of God’s into the socket if needed.

After a tooth removal in Ottawa, patients should take the painkillers we prescribe. Activity should be limited for 48 hours. The same goes for forceful spinning and rinsing.


Using our intraoral scanner and 3D printers allows us to facilitate your dental experience. We are proud to offer dentistry fit for the 21st century.

The 3-D dental appliances that are printed using this type of technology are more precise, durable and stable. This type of dental technology in Ottawa offers a more complex structure and a higher level of detail. This technology also saves time and cuts down on costs.

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