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Single and Multiple Tooth Implants Ottawa

Nova Denture & Implant Centre offers single and multiple tooth implants in Ottawa.

The Solution For Your
Missing Tooth

Single or Multiple Tooth Implants are a fixed (screw-in) solution to replace either one tooth, or a short span of missing teeth (4 or less). The implant allows you to replicate the natural feel or your lost tooth, without having to remove a denture.

These types of dental implants provide several advantages over other different options. They support bridges and don’t need to attach to adjacent teeth. They look and feel like your natural teeth and can actually replace several of your roots so the bone is preserved.

These multiple tooth implants in Ottawa are an outstanding option regardless of your age. Here is a general rule. If you are healthy enough for an extraction, you can have one of these procedures done.

As Strong As

Dental Implants stimulate your jaw bone to grow and fuse new bone to the implant. This is a process called osseointegration. Once this occurs, your implant is as strong as a natural tooth, and it can be used to increase your chewing power.

Another benefit of multiple tooth implants in Ottawa is the quality of your life is enhanced. You will look younger and feel more attractive which allows you to feel more confident. These dental accessories allow you to enjoy talking, laughing and smiling again.

You might even live longer because healthy food like fruits, corn and vegetables are back on your menu. These types of dental implants improve your chewing and your digestion.

Patients tell us they are more confident in different social situations. There is no longer any need to worry about dentures that slip. You won’t need to use adhesives again since these dental implants are securely attached.

Most patients also report there’s very little discomfort involved in the process.

HOw Much Do Single And
Multiple Tooth Implants Cost?

If you are only missing one tooth, you will need an implant, starting at $1,300, and an implant crown, starting at $1,600. This would bring your total cost to $2,900 for a single tooth. These costs can vary, depending on the number of teeth you need restored, number of implants needed, or if you need a bone graft, all of which will be explained during your consultation.
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