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Partial Dentures Ottawa

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Missing Some
Of Your Teeth

Partial dentures in Ottawa are a cost effective alternative to dental bridges and implant crowns. With our on-site digital lab, your partial denture can be fabricated entirely custom to restore your smile.

Partial Dentures in Ottawa

Getting partial dentures in Ottawa is easy when you follow our simple process. The first step is contacting our office. Scheduling your first appointment with one of our friendly staff at our convenient location is easy. We offer free parking and good access.

Making sure any of the dental treatments you get from us are thorough is our priority. Another part of the process is identifying anchor teeth that should be as healthy as possible. We will also treat signs of gum disease and any cavities.

Once we have identified the anchor teeth for your partial dentures in Ottawa, impressions can be made. After that, the lab will make your custom fitted denture. Your new teeth will match your natural ones as closely as possible.

Partial dentures are an excellent alternative to dental implants. They are removable and less expensive. You will regain the confidence you lacked when you had missing teeth.

Partial Dentures

Cast partial dentures are more rigid, utilizing a metal frame for support. This allows them to be more durable and comfortable, and is a great solution for a long lasting smile.

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Partial Dentures
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