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We know how hard it is to have to go through losing your natural teeth and adapting to new dentures. This process requires delicate care and attention to detail. Our new denture wearer package is designed to make this process as comfortable as possible. Our new denture wearer package is designed to provide first-time denture wearers with huge savings. This package is perfect for those who need teeth extractions and want a good fit but don’t want to wait the normal six months that it takes for gums to heal and shrink following extraction. Think of the new denture wearer package as a temporary denture set that you wear the same day your teeth are extracted.

About Temporary Dentures in Ottawa

These are also called immediate dentures. This set of false teeth can be fitted right after your natural ones are removed. Both permanent and immediate dentures are custom fitted and made in our laboratory.

One of our dental professionals will take the impressions and other information necessary for a good fit. We will also note the shape, size and shade of your teeth and take measurements of your lower and upper jaw.

Temporary dentures in Ottawa are designed to boost your self-confidence after you lose your original teeth.

Our Package includes:

  • A set of temporary, or healing, dentures
  • All the adjustments you need for a year to make sure they are comfortable & meet your needs
  • Temporary relines to make sure you get the best fit possible
  • Delivery of your final dentures between six months and a year following extractions

Our Unique Approach

We understand that it is overwhelming to think about getting new dentures. We have a unique, step by step process that will guide you through your treatment. Every step is explained and discussed before moving on.

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Our Team of Experts

Our team of dental professionals, along with our on-site lab, will make this process straightforward and convenient for you. Everything from extraction to denture fabrication is done on-site, and all visits will be done at our clinic.

How Much does the New Denture Wearer Package Cost?

Cost for this package starting at: $1999, but will vary depending on how many teeth you need extracted. See below for more details, or use our cost calculator to get an estimate.

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