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Full Dentures replace all missing teeth and can be created in a variety of styles and materials. All dentures are crafted by our technicians at our on-site digital lab.

We will provide you with professional easy-to-understand advice so you can have all the information to make a good decision. Remember it is hard to smile with any confidence if you have dentures that don’t fit properly or are missing teeth.

Standard dentures can help you to chew effectively. They fit comfortably and are specifically designed for the average tooth shape and shade. Patients who have special requirements are better suited to products that incorporate special techniques and premium materials.

Nova Dentures & Dental Implant Centre Full Dentures in Ottawa

Our in-house denture clinic creates quality custom dentures. We have an experienced team that works directly with our customers so there’s always an understanding of your unique needs.

Visiting our clinic can help you find the right kind of full dentures. We begin the process with an examination consisting of an evaluation of your jaw and a series of x-rays. Our team will also take an impression of your gums so your full dentures fit properly.



These state-of-the-art dentures have the most life-like appearance. The added strength makes them more resistant to fracture, stain and wear. They are also much lighter than traditional dentures, making them much more comfortable to use.

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