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Denture Relines and Repairs Ottawa


Our services include denture relines in Ottawa that look after the underside of these dental appliances. This process is necessary because dentures can periodically lose the proper grip they have. The procedure is affordable and doesn’t take a lot of time.

As teeth are extracted the tissue and bone continue to shrink as the body feels there is no need to preserve. This causes a space to be created under your dentures making them loose. Dentures are assessed and if there is no need for replacement and reline procedure is performed. It is a same day procedure that fills the gap that was created from your gums to your dentures restoring the fit.


Sometimes dentures can break either by dropping them or some other unfortunate event. In most cases we can repair dentures the same day and restoring them to its original form.

Denture repairs In Ottawa occur in a safe and comfortable environment. All of our clients are screened when they come in for an appointment and prior to their arrival.

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