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See below to learn about Nova Dentures & Dental Implant Centre’s 3D dentures in Ottawa.

3D Dentures in Ottawa

Are you wondering if 3D Dentures in Ottawa are better than traditional ones? Here are some reasons why this technology makes a superior product.

These dentures are much more durable than other models. Dentures made with older technologies are much more prone to cracking, fading and chipping. They are also predisposed to wear and tear. On the other hand, our 3-D dentures in Ottawa last longer. That means you save money in the long run on replacements and get to eat the kind of food you love with complete confidence.

These dentures also fit much better. The digital scanner used catches all the details in only seconds. That means the final product is much more accurate than the one you get with out-of-date techniques.

Here is another advantage. The 3D dentures in Ottawa that we produce can be customized more than other kinds. Creating a digital model of your mouth means that we can select different types of teeth that suit your personal choice. The end result is the perfect set of dentures that match your face, shape and mouth so you have more confidence.

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Our lab is proud to be using the latest in 3d scanning and printing technology. As a result, we can create smiles faster and with higher quality, while still keeping costs affordable.

What Technology
Do We Have?

At Nova, not only do we have 2 different 3D printers, we also have a milling machine that can cut anything from porcelain to metal. We design all our dentures on the computer and precision craft them using these machines. This makes the dentures more precise and comfortable compared to traditional methods.

Digital Lab

Our lab is located within our clinic, so we don’t need to rely on outsourcing. This allows us to have better quality control and faster turnaround times. A typical dental office uses traditional methods, which involve shipping and relying on third parties. By eliminating this, we can construct dentures faster and with better quality, all while keeping costs affordable.

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